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Bullet Proof Carrier Bearings

Installing a bulletproof carrier bearing on your side-by-side can be a pain in the butt! We were lucky enough to find the SuperATV two piece bearing that made this swap a no brainer. The cherry on top is that this beast is greasable, keep it clean and serviced and it will live forever.
Video Transcript
We’re SlikRok Productions and today we're going to try a carrier bearing from super ATV super ATV says this new carrier bearing is a true three-piece it's greasable we've done quite a few of these and they're absolutely a pain in the neck in these razors I'm thinking this is going to be a lot easier we're into a step by step instruction and we're going to find out so the first step is here we need to remove the rear driveshaft the turbos have got allen head bolts to go through them so I kind of a typically learned here relieve your machine and gear non-park non neutral it's got to be engaged you can stick an allen head in the bolts make sure you get it in tight so it doesn't strip it and you can kind of use the force of the machine by rolling it to break the bolt loose once you hear the click you know it's loose move on to the next one so once you've got the rear driveshaft disconnected from the rear you can slide the slip yoke off the front of it here you have to pull your skid plates off here you got to pick the center console off in the top you can access the two 15 millimeter bolts that hold the carrier bearing up top so you just take your console apart you can get to them with an extension and a wobbly suck in from there so this is the Fleurus factory carrier bearing right here the bearing actually floats in this rubber grommet it's one piece has quite a bit of movement in them which is why they wear out prematurely the super ATV carrier bearing here is three pieces so you should be able to put the bearing on independent by itself and then clamp it in and bolt it together it should be really easy to put in this is a really cool design and we're gonna see how slick it is so the factory bolts that you pull back out of there are going to be too short with the super ATV carrier bearing the kit gives you longer bolts of blue loctite make sure you put that on Jumana come loose so our carrier bearings in an installed we put a little Lube on this the slippy oh before we put it back on we put anti-seize in the bearings so if we ever have to take this thing out again we want to fight it a little lock tight on the bolts when together super slick really easy so the variable installed it was super easy to put it in literally to this 15 minutes get installed we've done quite a few aftermarket bearings and we've bought with every one of them they're really quite hard to put in that Kim was super simple it's a great design instruction manual comes with a kid it's got big color pitches on it an actual razor it's really easy to follow and use the only we did do is it recommend to use a gear puller to get the the old bearing off Thor is our favorite superhero so we opted for a pay hammer instead Brooks came down to help us out he runs a local shop called protech here he does a great job he's in a lot of filter with us and I have a feeling that we're gonna do a lot more of these bearings hi super bearing we're going to slide our game heater done speed and agility double prep guy

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