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Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

Cardo makes some fantastic powersport electronics. They have even found a way to integrate the experience into spotting and pits.

The PACTALK Bold Headset is a beast of a communication device. They were a life changer on one of our recent trail rides. We got to wear them all day and they were a huge help. The big thing was the ability to guide without the stress that is so common!

Video Transcript
We're SlikRock Productions I'm Jake this is Curt and let's take a second we want to talk about the Cardo headsets right so we've had some really rough experiences in the past with radios yes we've tried this multiple times and basically you got a couple options you've got a wire instead that can work in your car and we didn't really like that because you're committed to the car right um you're committed to a cable yeah and hey you guys have done that have jumped out of your car forgetting you got a cable yeah getting yourself kind of sucks a little bit busting some wiring some install we bump in and out of a lot of cars so it's not real convenient for us right so we went from that we tried walkies basically hand builds and the problem with walkies is the biggest complaint I had is you set them down in the cup on that and the machines are allowed your stereos going you still never heard them go anyways right and then when we're out on a trail we're guiding people we give one of the tailgunner a couple guys have them right but or listening to interference from everybody else and when you're in a Bend it's really tough because there's so many people with radios and so you get into this predicament where you got a radio on your side you're trying to guide you you're trying to help people or whatever you're doing and all I'm hearing is everybody else you're wondering if it's you pretty soon you get annoyed you turn it off and I remember that I could yell really loud let me go back to that yeah so just get a lot of that over talk chatter yeah and it's really annoying you know what I mean and so you're constantly switching channels trying to find somebody where there's less people on right and it's it's just kind of a pain but radios are important I mean it's important when you're especially in a group to be able to communicate with each other and we were approached by cardo a while back and they gave us a couple of sets to try we really didn't take it real seriously in the beginning because we've kind of been down this road but we were in an event last week and we actually used them and I'm telling you these things are a godsend is it too much to say that it was almost life-changing with Willie it was super awesome yeah it made a big difference so let's talk about the positive things for a second that we got out of this that we really didn't know we were missing number one so these are super comfortable now when I put them on I feel like I'm a pilot or I'm gonna take your order at McDonald's but they're not hot and they're really quite comfortable to wear because I was concerned when you had them on so you have your sunglasses that it was going to sit and pinch on your sunglasses yeah but we wore those all day I mean they they're just comfortable you know what I mean it was really hot weather down there I wasn't sweating you know they were really comfortable to wear and they were crystal clear and like so even sticking our head out the window at 50 miles an hour with wind hitting Us in the face you don't hear any of that because a lot of times we like to drive like Ace Ventura I don't know who doesn't right I like buttons in my teeth you know but so it's like the thing that I really liked about them number one they Bluetooth your phone so you can listen to your music I'm listening to my music if you got kids in the back they can listen to whatever they want and when you speak there's you can adjust the volume on it so it just turns your music down but you can hear clearly and so it's like literally we are driving down the road 50 miles an hour We're on obstacles we're going around and we're talking to each other without elevated voices and it's just crystal clear in your head it's not annoying no and there's no interference with it and then when you're done talking it just goes back to your music and it doesn't have that weird like you're saying it doesn't pause it turn it back on pause it turn back on it just lowers the music right the voice over talks it and then it just goes right back to it and so this can be yeah I mean all day long for a couple days we're driving around we're just talking to each other and it's really cool because you know there's so many times you want to say something to somebody behind you or somebody in front of you or hanging left here or whatever the case may be I'm stuck and it's just you know there's just no lag time in that it's just super convenient right and then you know so these These pair to each other so there's no channels on it yeah so if you compare as many of them you want together there's an app you just put on your phone and then you cancel out other people if you want to so if we have 40 of them paired together because we're out guiding a group and then we decided that we just want to talk to each other I can just hit Jake and I just talk to you we can cancel everything else out which is super cool as well yes but these things are super handy to use and it's like I I don't I feel like they're also noise canceling which is really cool especially if you're driving the Kawasaki 50 miles an hour essentially Rod's about to come out of the engine yeah until I'm not hearing everything else it's just relaxing it's calm you can talk to each other but for us for guiding one of the things that we run into a lot is you know if I'm standing up on top of an obstacle and I'm trying to help somebody come back out their machines allowed they can't hear me very well and the louder I talk the more aggressive it sounds right and so it's kind of nice to be able to talk to somebody and just be calm you know tell them a little left to the right you know I mean kind of walk there's no that yelling out of me no confusion at all you hear it clear as can be and like you said you're not talking in an elevated manner you're not fighting if the sun's behind you trying to do signals you can't see because and you can have that direct communication we could drive up to the top of an obstacle literally get out of your car with their headset on and talk to everybody how do you guide you get back in their car you're not unplugging anything you know listen to anybody else they're a super good value for what you pay for those and what they bring to the table they make all the sense in the world to me yeah so our hats are off to Cardo is a product that kind of snuck up on us by surprise I wasn't expecting that another word either but our house to you guys they are worth it look into them try a set we're going to be down at UTV take over this week if you want to check them out you want to come ride with us we're going to hand a bunch out so we everybody can get a feel for them but definitely looking that product is absolutely worth it that's going to help them sell.

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