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Friendship Dues

Mariah sings so Jake doesn't have to

Cruising around on your powersport of choice doesn't mean you have to do it alone or in a tuneless vaccum. Cardo makes great hardware that can be attached to your favorite brain box!

Video Transcript
So the benefits of having a Cardo Radio… You can hook these things right on your helmet. They have speakers inside, they Bluetooth so you can be listening to your music. I don’t recommend Tool while you’re riding. You’ll get a little crazy and start to think your abilties are a little more than it should be. But, you can sit and talk back and forth with your buddy. So Jake and I are out here ridin, I can hear him talk and that works really well unless your buddy can scream like Mariah Carey. Its not true, not true.

Featured Products

Picture of Cardo PACKTALK Bold Headset

Cardo PACKTALK Bold Headset

Perfect for Spotters and Pit Crews Communication out on the trails can be picky. By the end of a long day at the dunes or rocks, you’ll be hoarse just from shouting directions to drivers. Get Cardo PACKTALK Bold Headset to make communication better than ever. With advanced linking features, a noise...

Picture of Cardo PACKTALK Edge UTV Communicator

Cardo PACKTALK Edge UTV Communicator

The Ultimate UTV Intercom You need a better intercom system. Relying on hand signals, shouting over your engine, and hoping you have cell service are how miscommunications happen. Equip yourself with a Cardo PACKTALK Edge UTV Communicator to get the ultimate UTV, ATV, and motorcycle intercom. With ...

Picture of Cardo PACKTALK Bold UTV Intercom

Cardo PACKTALK Bold UTV Intercom

A UTV Intercom Done Right The Cardo PACKTALK Bold is the ultimate helmet-to-helmet intercom for UTV, ATV, and motorcycle riders. It pairs easily with 14 other DMC-enabled PACKTALK units for crystal clear communication in large groups. It has up to a 1-mile range in ideal conditions that can be exte...

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