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Ranger rear steering for the win!

Building a Ranger with rear steering can be really difficult, they just weren't designed for this. But with the potentially long wheelbase and the Ranger's likely use cases, you're going to want rear steering!

SuperATV had taken the guess work out of this for you with a rugged design, chassis reinforcement and great electronic control and integration. This kit is a no brainer!

Video Transcript
We're SlikRok productions and this is SuperATV's rear steer kit for rangers we're really excited about this this has been in the works for a long time and it's a really cool kit and i want to give a really big shout out to the engineers of SuperATV and we've built a lot of one-off stuff before we fabbed a lot of things together when you're building really big cars sometimes we just kind of make things work but there's a really big difference in what we do and when you're building something for the consumer out there and you know this kit is really kind of complicated not the install in it but the amount of effort that went into it to get it right obviously rangers weren't meant to have steering on the back the problem with hydraulic steering you have two problems number one is it's a massive power draw and so the kits that we've seen out there the kits that we've played with before you kind of get this point where you're running alternators you're running bigger batteries once you start running a bigger battery you start running an alternator you start messing with the ecu's in the system we all know they're really finicky when it comes to power surges so this is a standalone system um it doesn't work off the ecu or the computer it has its own and the other problem you run into is these cars weren't meant to have hydraulic steering hydraulic steering is really powerful so if you get your car bound up and you turn the wheel if the wheel doesn't turn it turns the car and so it puts a lot of strain on the frames of these on you know the arm tabs you know everything is a little more prone to buckle SuperATV absolutely thought of everything with this there's brackets up in the front real thick steel brackets to triangulate these have two frames in them one for the structure one for the frame it triangulates everything together all the a arms you know all the mounting places in it everything is reinforced with a lot thicker steel it's a completely bold on kit there's no welding and they did a really really good job with this i was really impressed this has been in the works for a long time we've talked about it a lot we've kind of gone through a lot of emotions but the finished product that these guys come out with was absolutely phenomenal so some of the things that this kit comes with it comes with new heavy duty a arms um obviously it's got ball joints in the back now where it didn't before so it comes with their heavy duty ball joints whether you're a portal car or whether you're not it's got new spindles for that um some of the cool features of this is it has a its own wheel speed sensor so if you're you know driving down the road you hit the button on accident it won't steer the back for you it's got safety features in it so you can't get hurt if you got your kids in there or something happens so that's a really cool feature you know this this is a north star ranger this kit is not for a north star the only difference between the north star back here and a regular ranger is the exhaust on it on a regular ranger that came out the side and so the plumbing unit comes straight up from from SuperATV we just put a couple of 45s on it put it out this way put a different muffler on it if you're not running a self-centering kit you can put 90s on them and just run them through and you can run the factory muffler off off of the north star without the self-centering kit this one's got a self-center kit the really cool feature about that is is when you know if you're coming around a corner and you're turning you can just hit the button and it goes back to zero every single time so there is a gauge in here so you can tell where it is we'll get to that in a minute but it's really cool to be able to just hit the button and you know and just it's self-centered and it runs true every single time so let's talk about some of the benefits of having four wheel steering um obviously if you've got a crew cab these are pretty big machines so they turn a lot sharper they're a lot easier to maneuver we're rock crawlers and so for us you know you get up on ledges you need to get around rocks a lot of times you need to get your back into a different spot and instead of having to move the whole machine you can just walk the back end where you need it which is really handy you know if you for hunters guys are out trail riding in thick woods you know these things are really easy to maneuver now around tight trails tight spots when you've got obstacles in your way being able to steer the back is just really cool you know in our shopping here we have a lot of cars in here it gets pretty tight and even if you're an idiot you can parallel park this thing without bashing it everything else which is really cool but let's talk about the real reason you want it for one you can crab walk into an event or a parking lot and look really cool and your buddy doesn't have it so this is the self-centering ram this is optional when you buy the kit you can have it with or without this so what this does is the ram moves back and forth this sensor reads where it is so you can have it set at exactly center so once you hang a left or hang it right you can just hit the button and it'll self-center back on its own this is really cool we'll show you how it works so the kit has got an on off switch here just turn it on your indicator light's up here this is your left your right you wanna go back to zero just hit the zero button super handy super easy to use you're driving around you want to turn sharp just use the back end you want to go back to straight just hit the button super easy to go back to giving credit to the engineers of this kit there's a lot of components of this kit it was really easy to install everything is really clearly labeled but it's really clean this is the uh the pump in the back all the wiring the solenoid is under this tray bolts into a factory compartment it is super clean and once again this is a standalone kit the thing i really like about this kit that really makes me happy is there's no alternator there's no bigger battery you can sit and use this kit for two hours and it doesn't work on the system that's a really big deal when it comes to hydraulic steering the front steering the kits that we've seen out there like i said before this is kind of what you get into they did the research they have a pump that is very powerful that moves the machine properly that doesn't bog down that doesn't get bound up but it doesn't drain the system out that was key one with doing a rear steer kit is finding the right pump that works with the right system that you don't have to alter everything else with it they really did the research on this i'm super excited for this kit i plow a lot of snow with this machine we have a lot of trailers there's a lot of tight places to get into it's going to make it super fun in the wintertime as you can see this thing is really agile it literally turns around in 25 feet it's ridiculous i mean for a big machine that's really cool there's a lot of uses for this i'm sure you guys can think of a lot of them a lot of places where they'll age you but this is a really well thought out kit they did a great job our hats are off to them we'll catch you on the next video.

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