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Suspension for you... Or Robbie Gordon

Every driver is different! Let us help you get off to a good start setting up your suspension for driving style. We find that there are four basic types of styles and generally

Video Transcript
We're SlikRok productions and I want to talk about suspension for a minute I want to talk about MTS so there's a lot of you guys know we have a really good relationship with MTS we've done a lot of work with these guys but I want to talk about the progression that we've had over the last six or eight months we used to set this up that MTS would do suspension at a customer's request with how they would drive so basically you would come in tell them what riding style you had and they would set your car up around that kind of terrain that you drive the problem we ran into over a while is a lot of folks don't know how they drive you know a lot of folks will come in and say they tried like Robby Gordon turns out they don't some of them will come in and say they grandmother car but they actually drive kind of hardcore and so there's a little bit of a balance there our expectations is everything when you're setting up your car now one of the things we get hit with a lot um that we talk about a lot it's very aggravating when you spend twenty plus thousand dollars on a machine and then you got to spend fifteen or eighteen hundred bucks to upgrade your suspension there's a suck absolutely but that is how it kind of works you spend twenty grand plus on a machine we have great cages we have great wheels and tires we all know that a lot of things to come fact on these cars are not top at the top of the line them and they do the bare minimum we get through and suspension is one of those areas where you can go a long way these cars write a lot better when you get your suspension done they're a lot more comfortable they're a lot more predictable they're a lot safer and when you can go out and you can ride for a full day and not get beat up you're happy you're occupants are happy it makes a big difference when you're out there riding suspension is one of those things it's the number two upgrade on my list obviously safety components they're number one but a properly handing handling car goes a really long way when you're out enjoying the trails with your family so what we've done with MTS is for the last six to eight months we have developed four tunes we've tried to simplify this down and these tunes are phenomenal we spent a lot of time and a lot of effort really dialing these things in and these guys have just gone the extra mile we have taken so many shocks apart on cars off cars all kinds of different vehicles out there figuring out the best tunes and the for errors who broke this down to number one is the Moab tune that's the ten that we run the most if you're a rock on a trail right or a mountain writer this is a tune that allows your car to articulate it's really spongy it's soft you can go through Johnson rebound on a rough trail without getting beat up it's a super comfortable tune but if you're gonna drive on high speed stuff you can area your car out that's a little bit of a sloppy tune for that the next step up is the Rubicon that's probably gonna be the most popular tune in Utah it's soft so your car articulates well it handles in the mountains really well but if you want to jump your car and you want to get a little more aggressive maybe at the dunes that's a really good tune for that after that is the Baja tune the Baja tune is ass and you know if you spend you know 80% of your time sand riding and a little bit out on the trails that's a really good tune for that you can you can jump your car it'll take the whoops really high speeds and then we have the Dakar tune that's the hardcore tune if you're a guy who jumps his car 20 feet the area you'd like to hit the whoops at 80 miles an hour that is a tune that will handle that and so knowing what kind of terrain you ride and what you mostly do in your vehicle really helps us to point you in the right direction to get you the right tune so it's money well-spent and you really enjoy your car so if you have any questions about any of these Tunes if you're looking to get new suspension I know a lot of you guys out there already done it I know a lot of you guys have dealt with MTX feel free to chime in in the comments down here tell us about your experiences with them Preston is my go-to guy here in Utah he is an absolute badass he's a really good mechanic he's a good friend of ours who spent a lot of time riding and doing Tunes with him he has got a lot of knowledge about this Todd Sandberg is an authorized dealer down in st. George if you're down in that area reach out to Todd he can certainly help you out there obviously the MTS boys are out of Arizona they're all online here to will tag them all through this but if you have questions yet you know you're thinking about a you know doing your suspension you're thinking about doing an upgrade reach out to us between all of us we have a lot of knowledge we can certainly point you in the right direction and believe me when you get your suspension dialed in it is worth every penny of it

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