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The switch to control all switches err... electronics

We've all been there, tons of toggle switches already packed into a dash and one more accessory to add. Then, we have to deal with the cognitive load of all those switches while trying to keep the rubber side down.

SSV Works has come up with a clever use of tactile switches backed by individual LCD buttons allowing you to have 12 individual circuits with an aggregate 170 amps of power per brain. Yes, that means you can add more than 12 circuits or 170 amps.

Video Transcript
Hey this is Trevor with SSV works and we're excited to debut something completely different for UTV's trucks jeeps and uh anything really if you want to control your Automotive accessories Switchworks is the trick Switchworks it's a 12 circuit solid-state LCD display Switcher you can control all your functions are you losing you can have individual control because Features it's LCD you have actual tactile feedback of what you're actually looking at you can see lights you have touch screens but you can control touch screens with a real but with a glove because it's a actual buttons controlling the screens you can have a macro where a single button can turn on all your lights and all your sources if you turn on all your lights you can press and hold the menu button and you're going to see amperage in real time and know how much current every circuit's actually consuming [Music] you can have more than if you want more than 12 outputs this is a 12 circuit switcher 170 amps total so it works for trucks and it works for side by side you can limit that current down you can also set up pages and have multiple icons at the same time if you want more than 12 you can add multiple brains you can add multiple controllers this whole system is ip65 and IP67 rated so it's going to be waterproof dust proof dirt proof and it's because it's solid state Electronics it's easy Plug and Play simply just take your accessories they plug directly into the brain solid state everything on the LCD touch screen right there you can even go to our app and build your own icons if you want to put company logos the shop that worked on it the light company Baja Designs KC Ridgid whatever you can put those logos right on your buttons you can have a rugged you can have an SSV audio button you've got everything you need right there on custom LCD displays touch screen integrated directly into vehicle waterproof it's the greatest way to add accessories the fastest and it's really cool

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Alpha12 Digital Smart Switcher with 12 Outputs

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