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Too funny not to drop in here

So, this one was just a little too entertaining to ignore, I thought I had better share! Someone is really, really

Passionate about UTV tires.

Whoever this Patrick guy is, you had better stay out of his way.

In reality we know that staying glued to the trail is the crux of our obsession. We've spent a significant amount of time in R&D, testing, breaking, ripping, bouncing, and tumbling to know a thing or two about our MRT X-Rox DD SlikRok Edition UTV tires. These things will not let you down.

Video Transcript

37X11 R15




Sticky Compound

Who's he yellin at and what is he talking about?

I dunno... but it sounds great!

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Picture of X-Rox DD Slikrok Edition

X-Rox DD Slikrok Edition

(Preorder) Sizes: 37×11 R15 - 55lbs - Sticky 6x Kevlar Belted Sidewall | Anti-Puncture Durability | Military Tested | DOT Compliant | 8 Ply | 25/32″ Tread Depth | Load 1170-1420lbs

Picture of X-Rox DD

X-Rox DD

Sizes: 30×10 R14 – 38lbs 32×10 R14 – 41lbs 32×10 R15 - 42lbs 32×10 R15 - 42lbs 32×10.5 R16- 42lbs 35×10.5 R15 – 47lbs 35×10.5 R15 - 47lbs - Sticky 37×10.5 R18 – 55lbs 37×10.5 R18 - 55lbs - Sticky 39×10.5 R18 – 60lbs 39×10.5 R18 – 60lbs - Sticky 6x Kevlar Belted Sidewall | Anti-Puncture Durability...

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