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UTV Tire Selection

Tire choice is one of the most important pieces of the build process. We take a lot of the guess work out of the process. SlikRok thinks about tire durometer (rubber hardness), PSI, tire sidewall construction and longevity. The ablity to stick and conform to the trail, the more performance you will see from a tire.

The last thing you want to do is get out on the trail only to realize you should have gone a different route. Let us help you make that choice!

Video Transcript
We Are SlikRock Productions and I want to talk about tires for a minute. Since we released the 37 the Slick walk Edition from MRT we've had a lot of conversations online about tires and I kind of just want to do a brief cap overall of it. First off MRT comes from the race world five years ago we started running tires with MRT they were a harder compound he really catered to the race world a lot more back then we like the tires but we didn't run them all that much three and a half years ago we started running their stickies we’ve been running them ever since we've got a lot of time in the and a lot of vehicles that are running these tires we've had a lot of experience with them it's kind of been our go-to tire for the last three and a half years. If you watch our car sit’s on almost everything this compound is got a great duro it's super sticky we’ve got a set out in the shop that ran King of the Hammers four years ago we put another 3500 miles on those and they're about half tread for a sticky compound tire. They last really really well and so that's kind of the trade-off that's the hard part we don't talk about tires a whole lot specifically because everybody's got their their go-to brand everybody's got an opinion on it. At the end of it it kind of boils down to this lightweight traction longevity strong great traction and good longevity those are the things that we all want to a tire right and so that's a hard balance to get most of the tires that last a long time or a harder rubber compound so you don't get as good attraction off-road they do last longer depending on the tread pattern but you sacrifice traction for it so we've always been trying to find that tire where we have great traction where it has a good soft rubber compound but it has longevity and it's tough and so that's that's kind of where we've landed with MRT over the years that's why we run so many of them these tires last a long time they're a soft compound they do great in the Rocks we've literally wheeled these things from Tennessee to California all over the country these are our favorite Tire they clean out well they do great in the mud they do great in the snow they last a long time and they're phenomenal on slick Rock and so for us that just fits all that build quality and MRT has done a fabulous job at making them these tires are tough as hell in fact is almost all of his tires have got a one-year warranty on the sidewalls on them if you blow them out, they'll give you a free one that's how confident they are in them so they can construction of them the carcass of them is just really tough and so the 37 11 15here we've had a lot of questions onthis tire this is our new tire out it'sa slick Rock Edition it's a soft rubber compound this thing is super sticky it just grabs the Rocks so well and like I said they have great longevity and that's the thing we love about them the Maxis Rockzilla is the other tire that we've ran a whole bunch and we love the Maxis Rockzilla it just doesn't last as long they wear out a lot quicker than these tires do and the rubber compound the dura rating is probably almost exactly the same on them they're both super sticky I'm not taking anything away from Max's they build a great tire but the longevity thing is a deal with us as well as it is with anybody and we don't want to keep buying you know new tires frequently all the time so this tire here is just performed really well for us the 37 11 15 is the same compound as all the x-rock sticky tires this one is just an inch wire and of course the15 inch wheel they have a 37 and 18 as well they have a 39 and 18 they have 35sand 15s they have 32s and so a lot of people have been asking us when the Slick Rock Edition tire is going to come out in other sizes it's kind of already out the Xbox has kind of got all those sizes and covers like I said it's the same Tire this one is just an inch wider and so we had Marca specifically make this tire for us we wanted the inch wider we still wanted a round top so it was easy on our steering we wanted something that was lightweight we wanted something to grabbed good and we like the 15 inch wheel because we want more sidewall we want more deflect with so we're not bending wheels on rocks when we're running low PSI so I hope that I answered some of the questions you guys have been asking us remember you're more than welcome to hit us up anytime with any questions I said we have a few pre-orders left on these we've got 50 sets of these coming on the 22nd we got I think three or four sets that are left that haven't been spoken for so if you want some hit us up the next batch will be out in a couple of months we'll keep you posted on that and if you need anything, let us know

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Picture of X-Rox DD Slikrok Edition

X-Rox DD Slikrok Edition

(Preorder) Sizes: 37×11 R15 - 55lbs - Sticky 6x Kevlar Belted Sidewall | Anti-Puncture Durability | Military Tested | DOT Compliant | 8 Ply | 25/32″ Tread Depth | Load 1170-1420lbs

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X-Rox DD

Sizes: 30×10 R14 – 38lbs 32×10 R14 – 41lbs 32×10 R15 - 42lbs 32×10 R15 - 42lbs 32×10.5 R16- 42lbs 35×10.5 R15 – 47lbs 35×10.5 R15 - 47lbs - Sticky 37×10.5 R18 – 55lbs 37×10.5 R18 - 55lbs - Sticky 39×10.5 R18 – 60lbs 39×10.5 R18 – 60lbs - Sticky 6x Kevlar Belted Sidewall | Anti-Puncture Durability...

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Sizes/Weight 27.5×9 R15 - 26lbs 29.5×9 R15 - 29lbs Anti-Puncture Durability | Military Tested | 4 Ply | 13/32″ Tread Depth | Load 1140lbs

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